About Alban Faust

Alban Faust was born sometime before 1600 and lived in Ellershausen (Hessen).
He was a miner and was first mentioned in the church books in 1621 as a godfather. He died before 1635.

11 generations later Elisabet and Jürgen Faust should give their second child, who was born in 1960 in Aachen, the same name.

It was I.

I have been interested in music and of playing for almost all of my life.
As a seven-year-old I started with the piano, a little later, the guitar and since then I have tried many more musical toys.

In my teens I made my first public appearances, built my first simple instruments and released my first vinyl record with my then, current band, "Sauerteig".

At this time my family had, for many years, spent holidays in Sweden and there I discovered, the Nyckelharpa. It became a giddy love affair which still continues today ("naken").

I had already, earlier, become familiar with the Bagpipes but was hardly enchanted by them.  Knowledge of playing, technique and above all, tuning and intonation were less developed at that time....
But that they could sound so entirely different- clean and beautiful, was shown to me one night in Eveshausen in Hunsrück 1980, by Remy Dubois. I became completely converted and it did not take long before I had acquired my first set of bagpipes, a Swedish! bagpipe built in Holland by Flip Rodenburg.

Since then things have rolled on automatically.
Studies in the science of music, many years as a freelance medieval and folk music musician and even instrument building became more intense because of a lack of available instruments.

The breaking point came in 1988. Move to Sweden, new start, family. My son Zakarias was born in 1989 and my daughter Ellika in 1990.
After a certain period as a carpenter, mixed with musical sessions on the continent I founded my "business" Bordun instrument Alban Faust.
I intensified my production of instruments because of the family, few musical performances and poor fees.

Since then I have made my way as a non state subsidized "free culture worker” in a wonderful musical country (despite much bureaucracy and government control demands) which unfortunately lets free people pay dearly for their freedom. But freedom is always worth it!

In 1992 I bought an old country shop in Ör, Frestersbyn (Melleruds` rural district) which I am still renovating. Now at last I had found my house and my home. From here I deliver instruments to all parts of the world and it is the starting-point for my tours and gigs.

In 2001 I became remarried to Ute and acquired two more daughters, Geraldine and Gruscha. In addition, my mother-in-law Hanna moved into the little cottage beside us.

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