Shepherds pipes ("Schaper Pfeiff")

This is my free interpretation of the so called Schaper Pfeiff  that we find in Michael Praetorius famous Syntagma Musicum (Wölfenbüttel, 1619) .


The shepherds pipes have a conical chanter, where the sound is produced  through a double reed.
They can be overblown a half octave, giving a range of 1½ octaves including nearly all semi-tones.

The two drones sit parallel in a doublestock and are tuned one and two octaves respectively below the chanters lowest tone ("6-fingering").

The drones, which have single reeds, lie either over the shoulder or bent forwards.




The following keys are available:

  • A/A
  • G/C
  • F/Bb
  • D/G


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