The musician

I play folk music particularly from my home district in and around Dalsland, but even my own melodies and medieval/historical music.
My main instruments are the keyed fiddle and different kinds of bagpipes,
all of which I also teach.
My colleagues and I have held many courses all around Europe, especially in connection with festival performances.

I play in the following constellations:

solo -

weddings, private parties, concerts, for dance


Duo Alban & Josué -

here I mainly play the keyed-fiddle together with my good friend Josué Trellar who plays the panpipes and other resounding pipes.


Alban & Vapendragarna (the armour bearers) - 

this is bagpipe music for all it is worth - two bagpipes and a drum.

The trio are most suited for (historical) outdoor performances.

Dalslands musicians association -

there I am musical leader.

Exceedingly live music with many musicians (10-20)

A great deal of our/my music is recorded on CD,
under there you can listen to samples of the music.

new CD "chill out"
instrument - nyckelharpor
click here for exploring the instrument-mine...


Alban & The Iron Boys
Alban & The Iron Boys
Faust Fredriksson & Blom
Faust Fredriksson & Blom