Handmade music with ALBAN FAUST

"... it is melancholic and beautiful. It is vibrant, it is extremely  impressive and fascinating that one person can create such a fulfilled  sound."
Bengt Öster, ttela

During three decades I have performed on prominent folkmusic scenes throughout Europe both as soloist and with different bands.

The program is varied and is adapted to every musical occasion. My main instruments are the keyed-fiddle and the bagpipes and I invite  audiences to an amazing journey through my homedistrict in Sweden:
from the polskas` magical rhythmn, over the majestic harmonies of the wedding march to the melancholic sadness of the ballad.
Sometimes I spice the performance with ballads accompanied on the guitar.

All this is presented in an exciting and unique way, and I promise that it will be much more than just a musical experience!


Obviously I even play for weddings, at private parties, for dances and in churches etc, (many psalms work excellently on the keyed-fiddle as well as the bagpipes).

My way of playing and my adventures with the Swedish traditional music are well documented by  a large number of recordings

And I would like to believe that this, together with my public appearances, have contributed to the increased popularity of nordic music throughout the whole world.

Others about me:

"Alban Faust plays Swedish folkmusic when it,s at its` best!"

"…For Alban music is naturally both body and soul."

new CD "chill out"
instrument - nyckelharpor
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Alban & The Iron Boys
Alban & The Iron Boys
Faust Fredriksson & Blom
Faust Fredriksson & Blom