“This is genuine,uncomplicated music. No holds barred, fantastic momentum, your legs start twitching and it´s very hard to sit still. Beautiful!”
(Smålandsposten / newspaper from the south of Sweden)

With humour,enthusiasm and a Bohuslandish swing, “Hemållt” have for many years incited their public in Scandinavia and Europe to letting loose when they get up steam on stage. “Hemållt” treat us to swirling Polskas and rock n´roll-crazy Trip-waltses, but just as easy a swinging Halling could turn up. And when you catch your breath you will notice that the music has a tang of Scotch malt whiskey, North sea seaweed and Norwegian wool.

With their debut album “hin håles harvedrag” the trio have dusted of the Bohuslands musical treasures and in their hands the energy and tempo of the traditional music is raised to another level, for although “Hemållt” is Bohuslandish for cosy and content, their music is very lively.

The members of Hemållt are:

Mia Gunberg Ådin – fiddle and vocals
Christer Ådin – mandola, mandolin, accordion and jew´s harps
Anders Ådin – guitar, hurdy-gurdy and vocals

In “Hemållt på fläck” (Hemållt on the spot) Bohuslands dance tradition and music meet. The dancer Mona Lundberg dances on the spot, just as was done in the small cramp Bohuslands cottages.

For further information see www.hemallt.se

song list:

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  1. Polska efter Garnbindar`n 3.45
  2. Jeg gikk meg ut i lunden grønn 4.27
  3. Engelska efter Båtsman Dristig/Engelska efter A Carlsson 4.58
  4. Polska e. Niklas Larsson/ Polska e. Maria Sohlberg4.19
  5. Gofot/Halling från Fredriksten 4.16
  6. Stekta harar, gödda svin 3.53
  7. Polska från Kungsviken 3.31
  8. Vals från Seglora/Vals efter Niklas Larsson 3.25
  9. Slängpolska från Kumla 4.04
  10. En Sang till deg/Målselvshalling 2.58
  11. J ä geck mej ut e missommernatt 2.57
  12. Maggie O´Ham/Halling från Grinstad 4.38

(click on a song title to download a mp3-file with a sound example)


Mia Gunberg-Ådin, Anders Ådin, Christer Ådin