Faust Fredriksson & Blom


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Can it be done?
Two Swedish folk musicians and a jazz double bass player who play what they want,
traditional or original material and they can sing too!

Of course it can – we can. These days, due to ”The Internet” it has become more unprofitable than ever to produce music on CD so this way we can at least do what we want.

Traditional music from the north and from Dalsland/Sweden, where we live, interspersed with original and thoughtful songs.
The keyed harp, fiddle and bass provide the basic sound, but guitar and even Swedish bagpipes contribute to our very unique sound: Passionate, delicate, longing or wild and all with drive …

song list:

  1. Sommarvals 2.28
  2. Sven Stål 3.46
  3. Höstlöv 3.18
  4. Darrig gumma 2.49
  5. Dennis vals 3.13
  6. Grinstad moll 3.23
  7. Folldal 2.58
  8. Brudmarsch 3.12
  9. De som byggde landet 5.46
  10. A-Duraren 2.49
  11. Låt till far 3.33
  12. Två Slängpolskor 3.23
  13. Menuett 2.54
  14. Oravais 3.38
  15. Herthas 3.37
  16. Trasiga skor 2.53
  17. Alla herrans 3.23

(click on a song title to download a mp3-file with a sound example)


Faust Fredriksson & Blom