“At the end of the seventies I discovered an intriguing instrument in the home of Axel Axelsson, a farmer from Ånimskog.
I became completely charmed with and fascinated by this musical wonder called nyckelharpa, and I still am nearly thirty years later.

During the time that I began to investigate both the potential of this instrument, and the music of this region, my father´s affection for Dalsland took a different form of expression.

For decades, he photographed this landscape which is still the source of the inspiration and zeal of music. Letting him illustrate this CD seemed the natural thing to do.

The choice of music is varied:
many pieces are from Dalsland, others are from Sweden in general and some are Albans own material, both old and new.
The recording was made without any addition or accompaniment, acoustic and naked – only me and my nyckelharpa.”

Alban Faust

“As a versatile instrument-builder, musician and music theorist, Alban Faust approaches music from diverse directions. //  An exploration of the instruments´ possibilities as well as of the world of musical sounds. //  There is a characteristic tone in Alban´s performance that marks his first solo album and gives it a unique profile. // For Alban, music is simply naturally both body and soul?”

Lira- Gunder Wåhlberg

song list:

  1. Solnedgångens senpolska 3.34
  2. Eklundapolska 2.34
  3. Polska från Katteberg 2.24
  4. Gammelkjerringsvalsen/Marsch efter Hammaren3.24
  5. Säbb-Anders polska 3.26
  6. Dan Danielsson 2.24
  7. Ranebo 3.01
  8. Bröllop på Dal 2.55
  9. Vargen i Trollungebyn / Polska efter Mofat 3.38
  10. Till Far 3.08
  11. Glad vals i F 3.05
  12. Hambohallingen 3.15
  13. Gånglåt från Skålleryd 3.15
  14. Lars Höökpers vals 3.02
  15. Polska från Ödsköld / Gottfrids springdans 3.38
  16. Nordiskt Requiem 5.31

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Alban Faust